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Saturday, May 21 2016

Nobody ever reads these posts anyway so let me tell you a story; My Grandfather worked at the Nabisco Plant for 35 years in NYC, he passed away in the 1980's.
Anyway here I am another 30 years later at the Food Network located at 75 9th Ave, NYC and I'm talking to someone and they tell me the Food Network used to be a factory run by Nabisco (The same place my grandfather worked at for 35 years) 'Spooky?' Lol.
Anyway...... anyway....great job by all the production peeps at Notional LLC filming CHOPPED Jr. our NEW hit on the Food Network, great talent working behind the scenes as well as the up and coming chefs as conteders, can't duledge too much information, all I can say is its a great show, watch it! Loe Fahie and Jeremy Kolomer run the production team like a winning world series contender, we appreciate us being part of the team. See you in a few weeks!




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